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Who's In Charge?

Whose in charge

As your pastoral team, we encourage you to read and consider the Biblical truths outlined in this statement from John MacArthur regarding governmental authority and the local church. Christ, Not Ceasar, Is Head of the Local Church (Click Here) by John MacArthur...

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Black Lives Matter?


There is no arguing that the social and political climate of our country is tumultous. Taking center stage in this storm is the organization "Black Lives Matter." In this episode of the "Just Thinking Podcast", Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker engage in a lengthy, Bible-based discussion regarding the Black Lives Matter organization, their leadership, and their agenda. Th...

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Biblical Thinking

Biblical Thinking

Dear FaithPoint Family, One of the pastor's primary tasks is to equip the members of his flock to navigate the days in which they live, focused on God's purposes, according to God's Word, for God's glory. Well, the days in which FaithPoint members, and all Christians for that matter, are living are chaotic, disorienting, and dividing. People are hurting. How are we to ca...

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Unshakeable Foundations

unshakeable blog

UNSHAKEABLE FOUNDATIONS From the writings of Pastor David Seefried "If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Psalm 11:3 It was not that many years ago when Sally and I felt our world falling apart. All our plans for the future, including growing old together, seemed to fade as liver failure struck. Our foundations shook, violently quaked, and almost...

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