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The first meeting of what was to become the Faith Baptist Church was held on February 18, 1962. On February 21, the church officially organized and Rev. Roland Andrews was called as pastor. The Scripture, “For we walk by faith, not by sight,” 2 Corinthians 5:7 was adopted as a church theme. Following the resignation of Pastor Andrews in late 1965, Dennis Walton became pastor.

Steady growth soon overtaxed the Coffman Street facilities and on November 8, 1970, the congregation moved to a newly-constructed auditorium and educational wing at 833 Fifteenth Avenue. Additional building programs followed in 1972, 1974, 1988, and 1993.

In the fall of 1971, the educational ministry of Faith Baptist School was officially begun. Faith Baptist School, kindergarten through high school, was a beneficial part of the ministry of Faith Baptist Church and had a godly impact on our community. Due to decreasing enrollment, the school ceased operations in May of 2016.

In September 1977, Pastor Walton resigned to accept a call to another pastorate. In March of 1978, Dr. Marion E. Fast left a pastorate in Michigan and was pastor at Faith Baptist Church until March 9, 1997. At that time, Rick Cross, who had been the youth pastor since June 1987, became the pastor. For the next sixteen years, Pastor Cross faithfully shepherded the congregation. Pastor Cross resigned in December 2013 as God led him into global missions work with Frontline Missions. In September 2014, Torrey Jaspers, who had been pastoring in California, accepted the call to be the fifth pastor of Faith. 

In recognition that the church had entered into a new chapter with a fresh focus on mission, the church voted in the fall of 2018 to change its name to FaithPoint - a baptist church. FaithPoint is committed to the mission of "Being followers of Christ who make followers of Christ for the glory of His name." (Matthew 4:19)